Dispatch and synchronize

Synchronize IBM Maximo work order assignments
with MS Exchange/Outlook

Microsoft Exchange Integration™

for IBM Maximo

Main features

thumb_flyerThe Exchange Integration synchronizes assignments between Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and IBM Maximo.

    • Create events in Maximo s.a. work order dates and assign labor/craft to this event. The date will be visible as an Exchange calendar entry instantly.
    • Delete assignments in Maximo: Outlook calendar entry will be deleted automatically.
    • Mark times in Outlook as not available. Dispatcher/Planner will see the absence notification in Maximo Scheduler.


    • IBM Maximo v7.5+
    • Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 or higher

Work in a familiar Windows environment

The fieldservice user is now able to see assigned work orders directly in Microsoft Outlook.

No need to log-in to IBM Maximo

As soon as a work order is scheduled and assigned to a person, it is visible in Outlook as a scheduled calendar entry.

Avoid a clash of dates

Business calendar entries are visible in IBM Maximo Scheduler so that the dispatcher/planner sees conflicts directly.

Optimal arrangements of appointments

No more assignments of work orders when the fieldservice in unavailable.

Automatical synchronization

The advantages of using Exchange Integration for IBM Maximo require no additional effort for the dispatcher/planner. Synchronization is done automatically when assignment is being saved in Maximo.

Synchronization works the other way arround, too. As soon as an entry in Outlook is saved, the information is written into Maximo database and available.