The Navigation-Tree for EAM systems


Insight Explorer®

Main features

thumb_flyerThe seamlessly integrated navigation tree shows every thinkable hierarchical structure built on enterprise data. Different views / different trees can be build by configuration. Having the whole hierarchy in one view it is very easy to navigate to a certain object.

Actions e.g. creating a service request or work order, can be started directly from the object by simple right-click. Opened a new application? Then simply drag&drop Explorer information into your EAM application form. No more typos, no more copy&paste, no more searching via asset related information strings.

Example case: “How many work orders are attached to this asset and are there open service request?”
Insight Explorer shows you all relevant data at a glance.

Optimised ease of use –significantly reduced workload

Insight Explorer follows the user: The hierarchical structure allows the user to gain uncomplicatedly relevant information without wasting time for searching and to fulfill tasks effectively and efficiently.

Quick configuration of different views

E.g. Views are use-case dependent. Insight Explorer trees are configurable so that the users sees only what he needs to see to get the job done properly.

Time saving – straight and fast fulfillments of tasks

The clear and simple form of the Insight Explorer allows the user to quickly find the required locations/objects as well as the respective information. Furthermore, it is possible to start new task like new date records or service requests directly from the tree.

Straight from the tree

… you can create service requests, work orders, objects, assets, locations.
The appropriate EAM application opens and object driven data is automatically inserted.

Optimised overview – all at a glance

The tree nodes offer information about locations/objects/entities and its connections/relations with a simple “roll out”: functions, product and locations oriented.

All relevant data visible

Directly at object level all information related to the object are visible.

Fast access

… to all data which is provided by the company.

Search functionality

… with integrated auto-completion finds and shows the object fast and without deviations.