Independant mobile work management

Insight Mobile boosts
work efficiency, data quality and productivity.


Insight Mobile®

for your EAM solution

Main features

thumb_flyerThe device- and EAM/ERP vendor independant mobile work management solution offers multiple views and perspectives. What you see and use can be build by configuration. The online/offline app utilizes your mobile device by simplifying digital processes.

Users are able to create new service requests, retrieve necessary data to get the job done properly and in a safe mode. Data entries are made easy so that more data is collected, the entered data is accurate and of high quality.

Backoffice gets information/feedback almost instantly and the whole work process is significantly accelerated.

Functions the way the user works

Relevant data visible at a glance

Online / Offline capability

Predefined scenarios
e.g.: Maintenance work management, service requests, inventory, stocktaking, asset related documentation

  • Templates as a basis for configuration
  • Online- and offline functionality
  • Pull for data intensive master data
  • Push for operational data
    e.g. my team‘s work orders
  • Integrated conflict handling process
  • Up- / Download of attachments
  • Barcode / QR-code
  • Automatical update of downloaded data
  • Optimized handling (font size, operating flow,…)

No coding required

Configurable data model
e.g. assets/locations/workorders

Definable perspectives
e.g. tree navigator, checklist, record iterator

Instant sync

  • Responsive design: automatic adjustment
  • Browser, iOS, Android


Individual filters

Push notification

Role/Userbased access

  • Role based views
  • Named user based views

Predefined out-of-the-box configuration templates available

  • Mobile Explorer
    PM forecast, service requests and work orders at relevant locations/assets via barcode/QR recognition with job plans and documentations included in one view
  • Work management
    Mobile creation, approval and feedback of work orders and service requests
  • Inventory
    Asset search via barcode; Pre-populated with calculated stock
  • History
    All closed tickets and work orders of a location/asset